Artist : Clemy & Filady
Title : Venho De Lá
Genre : Hip-Hop / Trap
Label : Turma Do Exagero Music
Prod By : Frenk Beatz
Year : 2017



One thought on “Clemy & Filady – Venho De Lá #RECENTE [ 2K17 ]”

  1. Giving his testimony, 30-year-old Obute said he was diagnosed to have had
    a ventricular centre defect, heart problem, five years ago.
    After being diagnosed of heart problems, his health condition began to deteriorate to the extent
    that he occasionally collapses.

    Obute, a medical student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, told the congregation that further medical examination on him revealed
    that he has seven holes in his heart where he was subsequently informed that the sum of N24 million was needed
    for him to go for heart transplant in New Delhi, India.

    According to him, the Delta State government immensely assisted in raising the money with which
    he was flown to India together with his Nigerian surgeon. He said when they arrived New Delhi, the Indian capital, he collapsed and was rushed
    to the intensive care unit of the medical facility where he was booked for surgery.

    “At the Indian hospital, we were told that we were four weeks behind schedule and that my health condition had gone terribly bad that they could not remedy the situation. “As a result of this
    devastating news, my Nigerian Surgeon activated his medical contact in Australia where we were asked
    to fly into the country.

    “At this point, we became helpless as there was no arrangement for us to move from India to Australia. Luckily, a friend of my Nigerian Surgeon who, by divine providence, came to India, volunteered his private jet with which we were flown to Australia. When we got to Australia after 13 hours flight, I became unconscious. I was later told by my Nigerian Surgeon that the doctors in the medical facility in Australia where I was flown to, confirmed that I was already dead after conducting a medical examination on me.

    “A certificate confirming my death was issued to my surgeon by the doctors in Australia who subsequently asked him to fly my corpse back to India.
    When we got to India, I was told that my body was taken to the mortuary and that as the hospital attendant was about
    to lock the door to the mortuary where I was kept, my body began to feel terribly cold, a development that
    made me to shout for help.

    “When the mortuary attendant saw me, he ran away and my doctor who was attracted to the mortuary by my shout for help, came in and brought me out. It was when I asked him of what we were doing in India instead of being in Australia that he narrated what happened to me, adding that he had earlier informed my parents in Nigeria that I was dead,” Samuel explained.

    Samuel told the mammoth congregation who were
    held spellbound listening to his testimony that the only thing he remembered in his unconscious state was how angels were operating on him.
    Apparently shocked about the development, he said the medical team in the Indian hospital had to
    repeat all the medical tests earlier conducted on him only to found out that he
    was no longer having any health problem.

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